Helping to create maximum efficiency training space.


   Our specialty is to design and equip functional training areas in fitness centers and newly opening CrossFit® boxes. We manufacture, deliver and install our product.

- 4 months of designing

- 4 visits 

- 2 double measuring of the interrior

   Designing of this training center has definitely been a great overall experience. Since the contract included all of the construction works, we've created a union with a construction company which perfectly understands and follows our vision of "be the best you can".


    We would be thrilled to start conversation with the ones we can help and offer best we can within your needs and budget

   Rigs, Flooring and Weightlifting platforms are very important and costly components of the gym. For that specific reason we offer more than the others on the market

   For those who seeks to create a special environment in their facilities we will offer the most options to do so.


      High quality product guaranteed by the way we do things and the equipment we use.

   We pay attention to every detail and design everything with due diligence. Budget series and the top ones are built with the same quality. Different approach to design allows for different prices on similar items.

Successful projects of different scales, specificity and time frames showed us that equipping something is laborious. We are helping with assembling of our equipment. Every case is unique.

    Let's discuss your project over the phone 8-800-600-0065 or via email